Jeremy Stein - Terms


Have you ever actually read the terms and condition for a web site that you use? Of course not! Nobody does.

Most of the text of the terms of use, once you translate the legalese, is:

That doesn't really leave anything left to be said that should be said, but hey — lawyers gotta earn a living too.

Here is my attempt at a semi-serious terms of service. I hope you enjoy it!


Copyright law has not really kept up with the information age. Let's go with common sense and courtesy, shall we? I'm flattered to be quoted, and I appreciate attribution (a link back to my site). Whether I like it or not, you can quote me to criticize me.

I post code snippets to help you. You don't need to give me credit if you use them. We programmers are all trying to make each other's lives easier. Pass on the love, brother.

Your contributions

This is my site, not yours. If you post a comment, I don't have to publish it, and I may edit it or remove it. I won't claim that your work is mine, but I might not be willing to link to your site. I'll remove content you posted if you ask, but I'll probably be annoyed with you.