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BillQuick Tips

Here are some tips I’ve derived after using the BillQuick 2004 web interface, but from what I’ve seen of the online demo, they apply equally well to the 2005 version.

  1. Don’t use it. It has obviously had very little user interface testing. But assuming you’re already stuck with it…
  2. You have to explicitly click “New” before entering a new entry. Make sure the button you want to be able to click (e.g. “Save”) is blue (available to click) before you enter data. Otherwise you’re wasting your time. The same thing would apply for updating an entry; you’re not really updating unless the “Update” button is available. (Update: you can go to Settings and select “After Saving an Entry, resume back in Add New”.)
  3. When you update an entry, make sure the Activity and Description are what they should be. They get reset each time you update, so if you’re trying to just change the date or the number of hours, you may be inadvertently overwriting the other information. (Update: you can prevent this by going to Settings and turning off “Use Project Control”. But that has its own disadvantages.)
  4. Given that it’s easy to overwrite your Activy and Description settings, take a look at your timecard in the sheet view so you can see at a glance that you have the correct values set.
  5. But be careful when submitting your time in the sheet view. When you click the Submit All button, it only submits the entries on the current page. If some entries rolled onto the next page of entries, they will not be submitted.
  6. Verify that all your time is submitted by checking the Submitted Only checkbox and then Refreshing the view. If some of your hours disappear, then they weren’t submitted.

Update: I just talked to our BillQuick administrator. He said that the BillQuick products have a history of being buggy despite claims of thorough testing, the web product being no exception. He also said that he was surprised to find that BillQuick support doesn’t seem to know their own product very well. I guess that makes 2 votes against purchasing this product.

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