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ClearCase 117:ERROR

When I tried to check out a file, I received this error:

117:ERROR: Cannot find
to update the Version ID string

After clicking Proceed, I received this error:

Error checking out ‘C:\path\to\file’.

Created branch “branchname” from “C:\path\to\file” version “\main\integration\2”.
Loading “C:\path\to\file” (0 bytes).
Removed branch “C:\path\to\file@@\main\integration\branchname”.

Trigger “CO_PRE_TRIG” has refused to let checkout proceed.
Unable to check out “C:\path\to\file”.

The problem turned out to be that a trigger was failing on the (empty) file. Our ClearCase admin had to put some content in it, then I had to:

  1. Undo hijack on the file (no, I hadn’t, but ClearCase thought I had)
  2. Update the view for the containing folder
  3. Checkout the file

September 6, 2007 No Comments.

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