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Create and delete PDF with Muhimbi

Using Muhimbi PDF creator on SharePoint 2010, I wanted to email the PDF to someone, and then delete it. The PDF has to be stored in a document library, so I needed to remember its ID to delete it later in the workflow.

When you configure the “Convert File to PDF” action, you can specify two variables to store the ID of the PDF:

The “PDF List ID” must be a “single line of text” variable because it holds a GUID.

You would think that the “PDF List Item ID” should be a “List Item ID” variable. That would be logical, wouldn’t it? Alas, no… it must be an “Integer” variable.

When you configure the “Delete item” task, you must specify the ID of the item to delete from the selected list:

The ID you specify is not the “PDF List ID” (the GUID), but rather it’s the “PDF List Item ID” (the integer). You’d think the field would be called “list item ID” instead of “ID”, just to give a hint. I guess that would make it too easy.

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