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Log batch file output

Say you have a batch file to restart a service and you want to run it periodically from a scheduled task. Here’s one way to do it:

cd /d %~d0%~p0
echo %date% %time% %Username% > lastrun.log 2>&1
echo -- RUNNING %~d0%~p0restart_do_work.bat -- >> lastrun.log 2>&1
call restart_do_work.bat >> lastrun.log 2>&1
echo -- COMPLETED %~d0%~p0restart_do_work.bat -- >> lastrun.log 2>&1

net stop "My Service" > netstop.output
if %errorlevel% equ 2 goto NOT_ADMIN
type netstop.output
findstr /c:"could not be stopped" netstop.output
if errorlevel 1 goto IT_STOPPED
taskkill /im myservice.exe /f
net start "My Service"
exit /b
echo You appear to be running this with insufficient privileges.
exit /b 1

I use two batch files to make it easier to debug. Any output from the _do_work batch file will be stored in the log file. This includes the commands themselves, which shows where the batch file was when the error occurred.

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