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Software for fresh Windows computer

Programs I install on a new Windows machine:

  1. Chrome with:
    • Tamper monkey
    • uBlock origin
    • Typio form recovery
    • I don’t care about cookies
  2. 7-Zip
  3. VIM
  4. Putty
  5. LastPass
  6. Thunderbird
  7. VLC
  8. Signal
  9. Syncovery

Set-up steps I take:

  1. Clean up taskbar (just right-click it)
  2. Fix touchpad settings
  3. Change power options (esp. power button and lid options)
  4. Fix Windows Explorer options (e.g. stop hiding file extensions)
  5. Recover backup with Syncovery
  6. Restore Putty registry keys
  7. Right-click Desktop > View > Show Desktop Icons
  8. Create a new Windows theme
  9. Use Disk Management to teach Windows my preferred drive letters
  10. Turn off accessibility shortcuts
  11. Add archive PST to Outlook data files, and confirm archive configuration
  12. Go through the Outlook options and change my settings.  Turn off all Add-Ins except MS Exchange (reference)
  13. Set default apps
  14. Turn off Windows Spotlight
  15. Go to Display settings and turn off animations (etc.)

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