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Word floating box

In Microsoft Word (I’m using 2003), if you want to have a little floating box with some extra sidebar-ish information in it, use a table, not a textbox. A textbox will let itself get pushed off the margins. Tables don’t.

Put the information in a 1×1 table. Insert the table just before the paragraph with which you want it aligned. Go to the table properties.

Table tab:
Set the alignment to right (or whatever). Set the text wrapping to around.

Click the “Positioning…” button:
Horizontal should be Right relative to the Margin. Vertical should be 0.02″ relative to the Paragraph. (Trust me on 0.02″. It’s like 0, but prevents the table from staying on one page while the text gets pushed onto the next.)

Row tab:
Turn off “Allow row to break across pages”.

Tempted to have multiple rows in your table? That will allow your table to be split between pages. Try a paragraph border with a line underneath it to get a horizontal separator. It won’t reach the edges, but pretend that’s a feature.

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