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Student Aid

Now that I have children in college, every year I need to log into to fill out the parent portion of my oldest children’s FAFSA applications. The default screen after I log in is a summary of my own financial aid from 1995-1997. In giant green numbers, the My Aid dashboard shows I’ve received $1,900 in Pell grants.

Yes, Department of Education. I’m thankful for the money. I’m pretty sure I’ve paid you back by now.

The first year, I received $1,560. Then I worked to pay for the remaining tuition after my scholarship and financial aid. This income made me eligible for only $340 the following year. Which meant I had to work more, which meant I was then ineligible for aid. Also, RIT increased tuition 3% every year but kept my scholarship fixed. I’m still grumbling about that 25 years later.

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