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Swing Stinks

I’m creating a really simple application and the differences between the Swing UI and the native Win2000 UI are painful. Here’s a really simple example: After clicking on a menu I decide I don’t want it to be open any more. Normally I click on the window’s title bar to close the menu. Try it. Click on “Favorites” in your browser. The menu opens. Then click on the title bar. In Swing, it doesn’t work.

I’m using Java 1.4.2_03. Windows 2000 has been around quite a while. This ain’t no transient bug. And that’s just one small example. The fonts are different. The File Chooser dialog is drastically different (for me, it resizes incorrectly, sometimes hiding buttons).

This is the last (and first) Swing app I’ll write. I’ll try Visual Basic (and drop to C when necessary for efficiency) next. Or, if we have to stick with Java, maybe I’ll try SWT. I could create an EXE that shows a splash screen and then loads the JVM (like Eclipse does), or maybe I could even compile the whole thing.

January 7, 2004 No Comments.

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