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The height of danger

When classified by height, there are 3 types of people in the cubicle world:

  1. Those tall enough to see over the cubicle walls. In our office, I have the good fortune of falling into that category.
  2. Those short enough that they cannot be seen over the cubicle walls.
  3. Those tall enough to be seen over the cubicle walls, but not tall enough to see over the cubicle walls. In other words, people whose heads go above the walls, but not their eyes.

Those in the 3rd category are the most dangerous. When two people are both walking toward a cubicle hall intersection at the same time, they need to be able to avoid each other. Type-3’s are the most likely to collide. Here’s why:

A type-1 (tall) person can see a type-1 (tall) or type-3 (in-between) person and avoid running into him.

A type-2 (short) person knows that no-one can see him and so he approaches cubicle intersections carefully.

But a type-3 (in-between) person is used to having other people make the effort. Type-1’s see him coming and avoid the collision, while type-2’s are so careful at intersections, they slow down, pay attention and avoid the collision. When two type-3’s happen to reach an intersection at the same time, neither realizes the danger and BOOM!

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