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Why I don’t buy video games

This is a frivolous post. Just let me get that out of the way. Ever since Mark told me that he was subscribing to my weblog, I’ve shot down each idea I had as “too stupid” to put on my weblog. “Why would Mark want to read about that?”, I’d ask myself. Of course, I would want to read Mark’s trivial posts just because he’s my cousin. Yet somehow I find it hard to believe anyone would think the same about me. I’m trying to overcome this blogger’s block (I guess that term isn’t original), thus this post.

My birthday is coming up. (Paypal donations accepted in lieu of a gift.) My brother Ben gave me an early present – the Knight Rider computer game. I don’t know much about computer games (this is now the only one I have), but I believe there are games with better graphics, better sound, and better stories. However, what gives this game so much appeal, is that it fulfills a childhood dream for every one my age: to drive KITT. The story line is cheesy (just like the show). For some contrived reason, you have to chase down that bad guy’s car. He flies over the railroad tracks just before the train comes through. What do you do? Wait for the train? No! Turbo Boost!

Whew! I’m getting a little too worked up here. Yeah, it was fun to turbo boost. The same sound effect as from the show. The same background music as the show. I was David Hasselhoff.

Didn’t I have a point to make? Oh yeah… it’s why I don’t buy video games. They’re way too much fun. They take way too much time. And I’m way too busy being Daddy, husband, church bookkeeper and student of the Word. So, somebody ask me in about a month whether I have faced off with KARR on the final level. If I don’t say “not yet”, then tell my brother not to buy me any more computer games.

June 28, 2004 2 Comments.


  1. Mark A. Hershberger replied:

    Geez, KITT? David Hasselhoff? I’m not sure I think you’re interesting any more, Jeremy!

    But seriously, you should post more stuff like this. When you posted about your plumbing, I assume you didn’t think about what the wide world would think. You just posted. Would you have posted the same thing today?

    I like reading weblogs because they give me insight into the person behind them. I don’t subscribe to weblogs to learn cool techincal tricks or neat gizmos. That’s what mailing lists and search engines are for.

    Hmm… Now that I think about it, the mailing lists I’m really interested in may be ostensibly about a particular tech, but I continue to read them for the people and occasional flame-fest.

    June 28th, 2004 at 1:28 pm. Permalink.

  2. Jeremy Stein replied:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Mark. I agree about weblogs. I started reading Joel Spolsky because he writes brilliant articles on software development. But after I read him for a while, I started to appreciate hearing about his life in general.

    For weblogs of people I know, personal tidbits are the reason I read their weblogs. Brilliant political insight is just a bonus. :)

    June 28th, 2004 at 2:16 pm. Permalink.

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