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Dell Inspirion 530n with Ubuntu

I bought a Dell Inspirion 530n with Ubuntu with the following specs:

I immediately upgraded the RAM to 4GB with some cheap Crucial memory from Newegg.

At first, I wanted to install 8.04, just to have the latest version with long-term support. Also, I wanted to install Ubuntu from scratch so that I could choose the whole-disk encryption option. I love computer security.

I realized that Dell must have put quite a bit of working into customizing Ubuntu to work with this hardware configuration. I know they use a non-Ubuntu-supported nvidia driver, and I’ve read about a couple of Ubuntu bugs for which Dell has included work-arounds in their custom installation. So, I decided to skip the full-disk encrypt.

I opted for the upgrade to 8.04 with Synaptic package manager. When the upgrade completed, my computer went into an infinite reboot cycle. I couldn’t find anything that looked similar to my issue online, so I restored to the factory installation.

Dell conveniently provides an ISO image of the factory installation. Humorously, it is 5Gb – slightly too big to burn to a DVD. The restore partition worked fine, but if my disk crashes, I’ll be out of luck.

I’ve recorded all the modifications I’ve made to my system.

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